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CREE XML T6 Flashlight - The Last Military Flashlight You Should Have

The Last Military Flashlight You Should Have

Do you think your flashlight is not bright enough? You should get this CREE XML T6 Flashlight now.

If you think a 'just okay' flashlight or torch is good enough, then you may overlook the importance of having a outstanding flashlight. It can save your life in an emergency.

If you ask any police officer, fireman, security officer, solider or explorer, they will probably have a flashlight and they will tell you how important it is for them to have one. The old school clunky flashlight, using a light bulb powered by type C or D batteries is too weak and useless.


Modern flashlights are all using LEDs. Its size is much smaller but brighter. This Cree XML T6 Flashlight is made of light but strong Machined Aircraft Aluminum. It is powered by 3AAA batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery and can run for a long time. It is zoom-able and can run on 5 different function modes (High>Middle>Low>Srtobe>SOS). The SOS function mode can draw attention when you are in trouble, while the strobe function mode can protect you from producing a high frequency lights to an enemy.

In fact, security companies, police and fire departments, and even professional hunters and survivors have been ordering the FlashLight. Thanks to the massive production, now we can offer a competitive price for you (but you have to act fast before we run out). With this flashlight, it will be your last flashlight and you don't need another anymore!

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